Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Your love makes all things new,
As pleasant as the morning dew.
Our love is rare,
Our love is care.

Your love makes all things sweet,
As intense as the sun’s heat.
Our love is fair,
Our love is dare.

Your love makes all things beautiful,
Even the rainbow is not as colourful.
Love is what we wear,
Love is what we share.

Your love makes me all smiles,
For you I’ll go a million miles.
Love is how we fare,
Love is why we bare.

Your love is all I need,
To you these lines I read.
Love casts out fear,
Love wipes every tear.
Love makes all things beautiful; even pain.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


It really was a miracle birth
The birth of He who conquered death
Not conceived by the seed of man
Born of a holy clan
Born of an incorruptible seed
Oh! What a miracle kid.

The angels sang and announced
The stars smiled and were pronounced.
Born in little Bethlehem,
Healing came from His garments helm.
In a manger He lay,
Born to show us the way.

Born to die and rise again,
Had to go through rain and pain
Now above the clouds He lives
Everlasting love and life He gives
C’mon and sing Hallelujah to the king
Earthly choirs rise and sing.

Let us rejoice and sing
Ding dong ding the bell rings
I hear the heavenly choirs too
He came for you and you
C’mon and sing Hallelujah to the king
Sing Hallelujah to the king!!!

Saturday, December 3, 2011


My soul longs for you,

my heart beats for you,

my flesh reaches for you.

you are my heartbeat,

you are my everything.

My days are clumsy without you
I dash my foot against stones,

my language is utter gibberish.

My nights are unending without you

Insomnia becomes my very companion,

I can't wait for the morning light.

You make my life so beautiful

you are the definition of beauty,

You are love in its fullness,

Your love has arrested me.

I will forever be a prisoner

in this jail of your love.

You took away my dark past

when your love came in.

Your love is greater than life!

I will forever be a prisoner

in this jail of your love

I regret my naive days

when I mistreated you.

I regret my foolishness

when I took your love for granted.

Love endures all things, so you held on

How on Earth can I repay you?

A million thanks won't be enough!

You are my treasure, my one desire

My muse, the air I breathe.

Thank you for loving me!

John 15:13

"Greater love hath no man than this,

that a man lay down his life for his friends"


Sunday, September 11, 2011


Life they say is a mystery,
We all soon become history.
Life I say is busy,
People everywhere like zombies.

Life I say is crazy,
No food for the lazy.
Life I say is wavy,
Frequencies make you dizzy.
Oh! I feel all queasy.

We strife ‘coz we aint informed
We strife ‘coz we ain’t reformed.
Now let us be on guard.
Lads times are hard
Lasses free your fads.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


It's another 365,

It's time to give all you have,

Not just a time to jive.

Enough existence, it's time to live,

Enough impurities, it's time to sieve.

Let's begin to weave,

It's another 365.

Funny how days go by,

Funny how many died.

Funny the times you cried,

Rib cracking the times you laughed.

It's the dawn of a new day for you!

It's the beginning of beginnings for you!

It marks an emancipation for you!

It marks a liberation for you!

It marks a new year for you!

It is the dawn of a new day...

Forgetting the past 365,

Working with everyday of the new 365.

Forgetting your past slacks,

And pressing towards the ultimate mark.

Count to 365... I know it took long

Look back at 365... I bet it was short

But how about looking forward to 365...

I look forward to 365...